At Little Learners our day is very much child led however here is an insight into a typical day:


Our experienced staff team will consult with parents on a regular basis to ensure we follow a home from home routine for our little ones through a caring and friendly environment whilst ensuring we continually support individual needs. Our aim is to provide a variety of stimulating activities to promote natural development in a variety of ways adhering to the Pre-Birth to Three framework.

Babies will outdoor walks and play while daily activities including sensory, heuristic, musical and physical play. Each child’s day is recorded for you and discussed at pick up so you can hear exactly what they have been up to.

Little Learners Nursery is a breast friendly nursery and supports Mothers who wish to continue breast feeding. Staff are knowledgeable in the storage of breast milk and we welcome you visiting to feed during the day if this is a preference.



Sunbeams have a wide choice of learning opportunities and are encouraged to develop their communication skills and independence through a variety of exciting and stimulating activities including arts and crafts, construction, house corner, sand and water to name a few. Sunbeams will be introduced to numeracy and literacy whilst key workers continue to cater for each child’s individual needs. We have free flow into our large secure garden area and we take advantage of this daily along with regular walks and trips.


Little Learners Nursery are delighted to work in partnership with Edinburgh City Council. This age group follows the Curriculum for Excellence thus promoting independence, confidence and the ability to demonstrate greater learner input.

Whilst there is focus on literacy and numeracy children are actively involved in a variety of learning experiences through exciting and challenging activities. Free flow to our large secure garden enables children to spend lots of time outside exploring and learning about our environment.
Our children learn through play in following the guidelines of the pre-birth to three framework and the Curriculum for Excellence. These important principles help to ensure that our children get the stimulus and support they need, based around a number of core themes:

  • Health, safety and emotional wellbeing
  • Communication and interaction
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Learning, creativity and understanding
  • Being self-assured and building confidence
  • Being responsible

Opening Times

clock5 DAYS A WEEK - 7:30am* - 6:00pm

* Our normal nursery opening hours are 8am-6pm, however we can offer an Early Bird service from 7:30, please speak to the Nursery Manager for more details