Parents Testimonials

I can’t thank the management and staff enough for the quality of care provided at Little Learners. It is evident that all the children are happy and get involved in a variety of fun, exciting and educational activities. It takes us around 30 minutes to entice our daughter home at night, she loves Little Learners and doesn’t want to come home!


We started off in the baby room in 2013 finally finishing our very happy time at Little Learners in the pre-school room two weeks ago. We have been impressed by the consistency of the staff which has been lovely for my twin boys to still see and makes it a very comfortable and welcoming nursery environment. Cleanliness has always been excellent in all the three rooms my boys were in. The quality of the resources available to the children has been outstanding - a fantastic outdoor learning area in the garden, chickens to look after and lots of learning resources in each of the classrooms. We have learnt so much through the varied curriculum which has set us up well for school. We cannot recommend Little Learners enough.

L Duncan

I would like to share with you the feedback which we have just received from Arthur's school teachers.
Arthur is the only child from P1s classes in his school who can read. We were told that he reads at the level of P3-P4.
Big THANK YOU to all preschool teachers at Little Learners Nursery who prepare children so well for school !


My child spoke very little English when we arrived from Poland so we are delighted at how quickly speech and understanding has developed.


“After moving house and taking the difficult decision to move our daughter to the local nursery, we are now back at Little Learners as they simply were not up to the standard we were used to. M is delighted to back in this safe and happy environment which she just thrives in.”“My child cries when it’s time to go home at night! Little Learners provides a fun learning environment with fantastic staff who genuinely care.”

Mother of D

“I picked Little Learners for my son Harry (9 months) as I know some of the staff there and they are always very friendly and very helpful. I was so nervous leaving Harry to go back to work but I was quickly put at ease with the help from the staff and from Lyndsay, Harry has settled in well and is very happy. The garden and the all the rooms in the nursery are fully equiped for all the needs of the children, overall I feel I made the best decision for Harry to go to Little Learners.”


“Like all new parents, we were nervous about entrusting our bundle of joy to a third party. Soon we were rewarded with the benefits of a strong partnership with the staff of the baby room, who attended to the daily needs of our daughter – physical, educational and emotional. The baby room, now attended by our second daughter caters for these needs in an atmosphere of kind care. Older sister now runs into pre-School every day and missed it during her Christmas holidays! There she enjoys the stimulation of staff and peers across a wide spectrum of activities including story-time, dressing up, playing outside in a lovely garden which is taking shape under the care of the owner Lyndsay and her extended family, cultural experiences in response to e.g. Chinese New Year or the Olympics, ‘puters’ (computers), song and dance, home-baking, art and inspecting all kinds of ‘bugs’ under the attentive eye of Penny. I recommend Little Learners for these reasons and the underlying foundation of an owner and staff who love and excel in their work.”


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