Little Learners News

Edge Protect Hygiene System

We are delighted to announce that we have purchased a fogging system from Edge protect to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of hygiene at all times.

The fogger efficiently and easily sanitizes our rooms with a product which is accredited to kill and protect against Coronavirus and most other bacteria (99.99%). This is an excellent means to disinfect and decontaminate all play areas, resources and equipment in a safe and efficient manner giving reassurance to staff and parents.

1140 Government funding now available!

We are delighted to announce that Little Learners Nursey are now piloting the 1140 Government funding all 3-5 year old children.

This means that your child may be eligible for FREE childcare.

For more information, please contact the Nursery Manager on 0131 664 3434

Out of School Club

Little Learners is delighted to announce the opening of its Out of School Club. We have a designated area within our existing pre-school building to accommodate school children, offering a variety of engaging fun and educational resources within a relaxed atmosphere as well as our large safe and secure outdoor play areas.

We can arrange pick up from local schools as well as a full programme of activities during the school holidays. For more information please contact us on 0131 664 3434.

Little Learners and Jo Jingles

Little Learners children enjoy weekly Jo Jingles classes each Wednesday morning

Jo Jingles