Rainbows 3-5 years

Little Learners Nursery are delighted to work in partnership with Edinburgh City Council. This age group promotes independence, confidence and the ability to demonstrate greater learner input.

Whilst there is focus on literacy and numeracy children are actively involved in a variety of learning experiences through exciting and challenging activities. Access to our large secure garden enables children to spend lots of time outside exploring and learning about our environment.

Our children learn through play in following the guidelines from the Curriculum for Excellence and Realising The Ambition. These important principles help to ensure that our children get the stimulus and support they need, based around a number of core themes:

  • Health, safety and emotional wellbeing
  • Communication and interaction
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Learning, creativity and understanding
  • Being self-assured and building confidence
  • Being responsible


Images from the Rainbows room